New Sound Studio. For a big, fat, crystal clear sound.

Admittedly, the New Sound Studio isn't really that „new" anymore. When it was founded in 1978, Van Halen was just starting out, Queen and Aerosmith were charting, and the Rolling Stones didn't yet resemble grandparents. But the requirements for brilliant recordings haven't changed in the meantime, and the original owners' CHF 1 million investment in the acoustic architecture of the room now provides a unique recording environment.

Through the combination our «Rolls-Royce» of an analogue desk with both vintage and modern digital equipment, our productions achieve a big, fat, and crystal clear sound. In fact, we'll just go ahead and claim that the results are bigger, fatter and clearer than anything possible with digital-only equipment -- whether it's rock, metal, jazz or pop we're talking about.

Still, what's most important ist the person behind the faders. Tommy Vetterli – as studio owner since 2006, experienced audio engineer, producer, and musician not very „new" in the business either – knows how to get the very best out of the artists and their songs.